Make Your Data Work For You

Our software is a powerful tool that allows your business to seamlessly document every step of production. With well thought-out and intentional documentation you can use transparency as a marketing tool, increase supply chain visibility, act upon data insights, comply with regulations, and do an effective recall in the case of a food safety emergency.


In an interconnected world, consumers are increasingly demanding to know where their purchases come from and how they are made. We have built an innovative traceability system on blockchain technology, to showcase a product’s journey from origin to consumer.

The Power of Provenance

Our platform provides integrated marketing tools to enhance your brand among transparency minded consumers.

Free Range Organic Dairy Cows

Using our platform farmers can document how their cows are raised. This data is stored in a distributed blockchain network and validates that the livestock are truly free range and organic.

Authenticated Cold Chain

By incorporating IoT devices to store data directly into our blockchain database; a logistics provider can prove that the milk was transported safely and according to the correct standard.

Proof of Pasteurization

Using the same distributed blockchain network the processing and bottling plant can now prove the milk was pasteurized safely and provide details on that process for the end consumer.

Increased Customer Trust

Customers can track and trace their exact bottle of milk from its origin all the way through the supply chain; gaining valuable insights and increasing trust with the brand.

Seamless Transparency Marketing Platform

Our transparency tool seamlessly transforms data stored in the platform into a mobile display that tells a products story directly with customers. This intuitive interface allows customers to navigate to the exact product or batch that they are interacting with.


Trust Engagement

Customers can track and trace their exact product from its origin all the way through the supply chain, gaining valuable insights and building loyalty.

Prove Brand Claims

Be transparent with your process data to prove to customers that your brand is what is claims to be.

Product Differentiation

Make your product stand out among the competition and justify your premium.

Actionable Analytics

Our platform provides analytics to help gain insights into your business process and customer engagement.

  • The number of times a product's landing page has been visited
  • The location and time of consumer engagement
  • A/B testing campaign

How to get started

To start using our software you do not need to track any new information or add complexity. Our expert team will work with you to get a clear understanding of what data you are already collecting and what systems are in place. We will then create a customized data structure and dashboard so that you can upload data into our private and secure blockchain network.

Engagement Plan

We work with you to establish how blockchain traceability can help grow your business

Process Mapping

We dive deep into your businesses processes to figure out what information you are collecting or can collect that would be beneficial to store in a blockchain network.

Customized Platform

We customize to your data structure, which allows you to upload and store your data from a variety of sources, including industry specific systems, IoT devices, or manually inputting data into the platform.

Onboarding and Troubleshooting

We help you to launch an initial live test of the system and ensure that everything is working correctly.

Ready to use your business processes to engage customers and gain loyalty?

With blockchain, OwlTing can make that a reality