OwlTing is building Trust in Food Supply Chains using Blockchain Tech.

Our CEO and co-founder, Darren Wang, moved back to Taiwan from the United States in 2009 after spending the first few years of his career at Google. Darren aimed to utilize location based services, an emerging technology, to create an interconnected ecosystem in Taiwan. The OwlTing team attempted several business models, including a book delivery services inspired by Amazon called OBook.

In 2011, a huge problem presented itself to the young company. There was a massive food safety crisis involving tainted milk that was imported from China. Several hundreds of children became ill and a few dozen died. Darren was immediately drawn towards finding a solution as a father of two young children.

Darren and OwlTing’s co-founder and CTO John set out to build a trusted network of high quality dairy farmers. They vetted the farmers, their process, and the milk in order to offer Taiwanese families safer local alternatives to mass produced milk. OwlTing quickly found its stride as a farm-to-table e-commerce platform using location based services to help farmers sell online. To date, OwlTing has over 2000 individual farmers on the platform and works with the largest organic farm in Taiwan as well as the smallest.

The platforms success quickly spread to other types of produce and as the platforms audience grew OwlTing launched a local experience and hotel booking service; in addition to their popular food delivery.

OwlTing offered a way for Taiwanese locals and tourists alike to find authentic food and experiences throughout the island. It also gave small businesses access to a much wider customer base.

In 2014, Darren began to personally invest in various blockchain ventures in order to better understand the potential applications of the technology.

In 2016, Darren and John came to the realization that blockchain technology could fundamentally change food safety and the foundation of how consumers trust and interact with products. They approached one of the pork producer using the OwlTing e-commerce platform with their idea; to track every step of the production process on a blockchain network. Downstream consumers would be able interact with a QR code on their packaging to track the products journey — enhancing its trustworthiness and justifying their premium.

Later that year the company made the decision to focus on building blockchain solutions to prepare businesses to remain competitive in a blockchain-driven future. In 2017, OwlTing launched OwlChain and OwlNest, aiming to build blockchain solutions for food safety and hotel booking respectively.

OwlTing is one of the earliest practitioners of using blockchain to solve real world problems, driving cost savings and efficiency in the food and travel space. The companies priority is and always will be helping others. OwlTing uses blockchain to help businesses grow, communities prosper, enhance trust in transactions, and increase the volume of exchange locally and globally.

Ready to use your business processes to engage customers and gain loyalty?

With blockchain, OwlTing can make that a reality